What is your go-to website for single dating?

Single dating

Are you looking for love? So are millions of other single dating-worthy individuals online. Not so long ago, an individual who was single and suggesting that they would look for love online was considered a taboo. Yet, think of how easy these sites have made our lives. Gone are the days when your parents had to pick a suitor for you after which you had to wed with no questions asked. Remember the time you had to sit through a bad date? What about when blind dates were the in-thing and you had to carry a Taser in your purse just in case things went south?

Dating websites have indeed revolutionized the concept of dating and the good thing is that there are new ones coming up every single day. In 2015, you can find a dating site for vegans only, art lovers, the gays, hippies, etc. The great (or scary) thing about all this is that the best is yet to come. The following are some of the most popular online date sites around:


Most popular dating portal in the world. In fact, the developers claim that their site has facilitated the highest number of relationships, marriages and dates so far. It works in the most traditional way possible. The user begins by creating a profile and filling in the appropriate details, checking out potential matches and then sending messages.


Match.com has a large user base that extends to so many countries. This means that there is a high likelihood that you will find a potential date.


Members need to pay a certain fee to enjoy this service. Also, you can’t post a variety of pics. Another setback is that the service is only beneficial to those who live in the same country or within the same vicinity. It may be disappointing for users living across continents to end up matching with each other only to find out that the travel fees may be another burden to bear.


This is not just one of the single dating sites that you sign up for halfheartedly. It is designed for those serious about looking for a relationship. How serious? Serious enough to fill in a questionnaire part of a patented compatibility matching system. It has taken eHarmony.com 35 years of research to qualify themselves as the online authority when it comes to dating.


This site saves you time and hard work spent on going through peoples’ profiles only to end up disqualifying them as potential suitors. Instead, the system sends compatible dates straight to your inbox.


This service is not free. It will cost you a fee which may be useless if you don’t end up finding a match. Also, just because the system sends these dates to your inbox doesn’t mean that they find you a compatible match. Most people prefer going through the profiles themselves seeing as this was the point of online dating to begin with.

You can’t always trust computers. There is always a margin for error and the possibility that there is never anyone 100% compatible.


This site is designed for professionals who can’t seem to find the time to have a dating lifestyle. This may be due to their busy work lives or social obligations. Lovestruck.com consists of like-minded individuals who are all searching for love within the vicinity. You can match with people who live near you and maybe even play flash games with them.


This service saves you time spent on traveling to and fro for a date. You can find someone who works in your office building, lives right down the street or who frequents the area for business. It is perfect for those looking for love in the city and wouldn’t want to cross their borders.


It is a subscription service which doesn’t guarantee that you will definitely find a mate. It is also un-exciting and not one of those places you can end up meeting adventurous individuals looking for a date outside a café or a quick lunch break.

Wanna Meet

If you’re searching for a dating site filled with fun singles who want to have a good time, I would suggest WannaMeet single dating! A lot can be said for WannaMeet.com, but it certainly isn’t one of those boring humdrum sites where you expect the same ol’ kinds of people to flock. All the sites discussed above have limiting factors that may not qualify them as the best dating websites out there. Try my pick and see why it is one dating website to watch.

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